No pretence and no pomp, we purely focus on bringing the best ingredients to life through a bit of creative cooking flare and working with the seasons.

We love honest food as much as you do and with what the Fylde has to offer in terms of growers, producers and suppliers, we wanted the Greedy Badger to provide a canvas for what’s amazing from the area. That’s not to say that our kitchen team don’t work tirelessly to create dishes which will excite and amaze you but we have created a real destination for high class food without the ‘temple of gastronomy’ airs and graces.

The Greedy Badger is a place where our food brings people together to enjoy great flavours with warmth and hospitality. We’re proud of that and it has won us many loyal friends already.

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Besides making your time with us as enjoyable as possible we also make booking with us easy too.

Ingredients and Sourcing

We subscribe to the mantra that good sourcing is based on the goal of building perfect partnerships.

We work hard with everyone from our fishermen through to our farmers to ensure we not only get the best possible produce but also minimise the length of our supply chain. That means that our fish will have been caught that day, our veg will have come out of the ground that week and our beef will have been hanging in the aging room to get the best possible flavour and tenderness from it. Granted, we might have to go a bit further afield for some things we can’t find in the Fylde area (like our game sourced from the Highlands of Scotland) but we endeavour to source as closely as we can without compromising our standards.

This means we can let the quality of the produce which builds our dishes be the star of the show.

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Our Head Chef Matt

Our Head Chef Matt is the embodiment of what we wanted the Greedy Badger to be about and it shines through in his menus. Classically trained and with over fifteen years of professional chef experience at some of the country’s best restaurants, he brings the level of focus on detail you’d expect combined with a real passion for creating ‘wow’ moments for people.

He has created and fostered a culture in our kitchen built around consistently delivering to an exceptionally high standard while letting creative passion shine through. He echoes our belief that customers aren’t ‘checks’ or numbers and their experience while they’re with us should be paramount.

Pay us a visit

Besides making your time with us as enjoyable as possible we also make booking with us easy too.

Located in the picturesque town of Singleton

We are located in the Miller Arms in the village of Singleton in the heart of the Fylde. Singleton is often termed the ‘the Model Village of the Fylde’ and it is a beautiful representation of a quintessential English village; surrounded by farmland with a community focussed pub at its heart. Within easy reach of the Fylde coast resorts, probably the most unique Fire Engine House you have ever seen, we are easy accessible by car and out of the way enough so you can enjoy a relaxed leisurely service with us.

Reservations and getting in touch

Weeton Road

01253 759107